Introducing the RxFIT - South Jordan Team

Meet the fitness experts ready to help you achieve your fitness goals and your potential.

Our Founders

Tyler and Mark owners of RxFIT - South Jordan

Mark Mckellar & Tyler Welch

Tyler and Mark met back in the summer of 2012 at a youth church camp. Tyler from Ohio, Mark from Arizona, stayed in touch through the years and linked up in Fall of 2015 during their 1st year at Brigham Young University. Both having a love of Fitness and Exercise, acquired “Provo CrossFit” in December of 2016, and changed the name to “RxFIT-Provo” shortly after. They opened up their 2nd location “RxFIT-Springville” in 2018. Then opening their 3rd location “RxFIT-South Jordan” in 2021. Their vision is to dot RxFIT Gyms across Utah and help build a healthier human race and cure chronic illness through personal training, group classes, and nutrition!

Our Professional Coaches

TYRE AGUILAR coach at RxFIT - South Jordan


Head Coach
CF Level 1 Certified
CF Level 2 Certified

Coach Tyre has been with RxFIT since 2017 and a coach since 2018. She is married to Johnny (a truly beloved gym member in our community) and a mom to Luna the Lab.

Tyre is our Head Coach and has successfully ran numerous gym events such as the Sick2Well2Fit Health Challenge, Festivus Competition, Utah Spartan Race, Ragnar Race at Zions, and Hike to Timpanogos! Tyre coaches all the morning classes (4) in Provo, and is a particularly big favorite among the Provo members. Coach Tyre is a hard worker and a loyal friend to all at RxFIT. We love her!

MIRANDA MERRELL coach at RxFIT - South Jordan


CF Level 1 Certified
CF Level 2 Certified

Coach Miranda has been coaching for RxFIT since 2018 and has been in the community for 10 years. Coach Mig is the wife to Rob Merrell (a beloved gym member in our community) and a mom to 3 beautiful kids.

She was pivotal in the success of opening up RxFIT Springville in 2018. A high caliber athlete herself – Mig holds numerous gym records for both metcons and olympic lifts. Mig has inspired and empowered all our members, especially her own community of women who follow to her 9:30 Springville class.

FERNANDA HERNANDEZ coach at RxFIT - South Jordan


CF Level 1 Certified
CF Level 2 Certified

Coach Fernanda has been with RxFIT since the beginning of 2019, and has been in the community for the last 10 years. There's never been another coach we've had that is more passionate and excited to coach, than Fernanda.

She is the wife to Chris (a beloved gym member in our community) and the mom to Cristianito. Fern is very nice and extremely fun to be around but when you’re in her class – you’re in her world! Because of her amazing coaching, numerous members have been able to get fit through her personal training sessions and nutrition consulting. She is also the Head of RxFIT Sport, a competitors program here at RxFIT. Take her class, you won’t regret it!

KYLE BRODERICK coach at RxFIT - South Jordan


CF Level 1 Certified
CF Level 2 Certified

Coach Kyle has been a member of RxFIT Since Fall of 2019 and a coach since Summer of 2020! Kyle is an undergraduate at BYU studying Information Systems, and a huge bright light in the gym!

He coaches the evening classes in the Provo gym and is easily one of the most favorite coaches on staff! If you’re lucky you can workout with him in the 8:30 AM class in Provo, and he would probably beat you if the workout involved any kind of gymnastics or handstand push ups/walking movements. We love Kyle so much!

RILEE STONE coach at RxFIT - South Jordan


CF Level 1 Certified

Coach Rilee originally joined RxFIT in 2018, and recently joined back as a coach in 2021! She's a Mom of 2 kids and has always been a lover of CrossFit! She got her L1 in December of 2018 and has experience in being a part of many different gyms.

She coaches in the Springville Gym and is easily one of the strongest girls in the gym!

MORGAN WITHERS coach at RxFIT - South Jordan


Gym Intern
On Ramp Coach

Coach Morgan has been a member of RxFIT since 2018! She is a student at BYU studying Information Systems in the Marriott School of Business. Morgan is currently interning at the gym and holds the responsibility for Social Media, On- Ramp Sessions, and overall Marketing.

She is the only girl in the gym is can run a mile under 6:30! She’s fun, encouraging, and the happiest person you’ll ever meet!


CrossFit L1

Brandy originally was skeptic of Crossfit, but when she finally gave it a chance 7 years ago she fell in love with the sport and community that uplifted her mind, body and attitude.When she isn’t at the gym, she is indulging in some of her other passions, like pottery, reading, and spoiling her old pup Duke with treats, attention and hikes. She has participated in several competitors programs, helped organize fundraising competitions, and competes for fun in local competitions. To pay the bills, she has been a licensed real estate agent for over 3 years, where she gets to make meaningful connections with clients in one of the most monumental decisions of their life. Connecting with people was one of the many draws to coaching Brandy felt, and she loves seeing her athletes progress in the little and big ways!

Kim T

B.S. in Psychology & Sociology
CrossFit L1
CrossFit L2
CF Gymnastics Level 1
Active Life Assessment Professional Level 1
USA Weightlifting- Sports Performance coach
I-99 Gymnastics Level 1
Personal Training 24 years
Owner/Operator Anytime Fitness 12 years
Coaching CF 12 years
Nutrition coach 10+ years

Kim Moved from Colorado to Utah in 2007 to open her own gym…..then she found CrossFit and hasn’t really looked back. She truly loves all aspects of fitness and nutrition. Loving and supporting clients through their own journey is her passion.


CrossFit L1
CrossFit L2

Matt has been a member of RxFIT since 2017. Since then, he has obtained his Level-1 and Level-2 certifications and has coached hundreds of classes. Matt is married to Ivy and they recently had a baby girl in 2021 named Oakley. Matt loves spending time at the gym, on the golf course, and hanging out with his family and his dog, Gumbo.
You can catch Matt coaching in the early mornings and filling in for other coaches when needed!

TYLER WELCH coach at RxFIT - South Jordan



MARK MCKELLAR coach at RxFIT - South Jordan