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Max Effort Lifts

Max Effort Lifts This was a workout in our group classes a few weeks ago at RxFIT:   4 Rounds For Time: 3 Back Squats @ 90% of your 1-rep max 200m Run *Time Cap: 8 minutes   I was speaking with Miranda (our Head

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The Secret to Getting Abs

The Secret to Getting Abs In today’s article, I want to bust a few myths regarding “getting abs.” I’ve avoided talking about this topic because I don’t think “getting abs” should ever be a goal. Becoming fit should be. This is because fitness reveals your

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7 Tips For Breaking Bad Habits

7 Tips For Breaking Bad Habits Yesterday I talked about five habits you have developed over quarantine that we need to break. Today I’d like to highlight seven strategies you can implement in order to break these bad habits. Bad habits need to be replaced

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5 COVID Habits To Break

5 COVID Habits To Break Over the past couple of weeks, you’ve had a coach check in with you every day. That coach then reports a summary every evening of how things are going with their athletes. Then, every Saturday morning, the coaching staff and

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The Domino Effect

The Domino Effect “I just went through a really bad divorce and my confidence is at an all-time low right now.”  You continued, “I need the domino effect in my life. I’m trying to buy my first house and start a business. I feel that

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Leaning Into Your Relationships

What Makes A Good Life? I wrote about the topic of “connection” a couple of times this past month, especially in regards to health. I wanted to address this same topic briefly this morning in an attempt to clarify the mission of RxFIT. The purpose

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2 Easy Tips For Healthy Eating

2 Easy Tips For Healthy Eating I had just finished up running really hard intervals on the track and I said to Darren, “I didn’t think I could finish. My mind was screaming at me to give up.” I’ve written about this before, but four

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Is Diet Soda Bad For You?

Is Diet Soda Bad For You? Last week on “The Faces of RxFIT” podcast, I interviewed metabolic scientist, Dr. Jeffery Tessem. We discussed the pros and cons of four diets, specifically: keto, intermittent fasting, vegan, and macros (with a cheat meal). You can listen to

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Building Muscle During COVID

You were on a roll with your goal of getting stronger before the coronavirus hit. Then, everything over night seemed to get shut down. You no longer have access to weights. How do you get stronger without weights? Should you just put your goal on

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5 Hacks For A Better Night Sleep Tonight

The best way to recover is sleep – there’s no doubt about it. Just as your cell phone needs to be plugged in at night, so does your body after the day. Below, I’ll outline five things I’ve implemented in order to improve my sleep

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