By The Numbers: Quarter 1 Key Metrics

If you break up the year into four quarters, January-March constitute as Quarter 1. Below you will find the results from both the most consistent athletes at RxFIT, as well as those who are experiencing the most progress.

# of Workouts is your quantity indicator that measures consistency. Without consistency, you will never reach your goals. Your first step when trying to lose weight or build muscle is to become the type of person that never misses two days of exercise in a row.

Recording personal records (PR’s) are your quality indicator that measures¬†progress. Without progress, you also will never reach your goals. Your workouts must have scoring components that make them observable, measureable, and repeatable.

At the end of every quarter, I interview some of these athletes to gather their best practices. Without fail, these are the most important lessons that come up each time.

I recommend reviewing both of these articles hyperlinked above, and then setting a goal for the next 90 days on how you can improve both the quality and the quantity of your workouts.

And if you’re a member of RxFIT, maybe your name could be on this list at the end of Quarter 2!



8 Rounds For Time:
200-meter Run
50-meter Farmer’s Carry (with two moderate-to-heavy dumbbells)

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