Habits Based Health

Over the past year, I’ve talked a lot about habits.

My mentor, Chris Cooper, wrote me this a couple days ago and I thought it was so good I’d pass it along to you:

Four of a kind beats a pair of aces.

When a client is consistent with nutrition, sleep, self-management and exercise, they’ll get better results than the most hardcore exerciser.

Abs are made in the kitchen. Muscles grow in the bed.

Performing consistently well across Sleep, Eat, Move and Manage habits gets better results than the best exercise program, the most intense workouts, or the most severe diet. Specializing in any area to the exclusion of the rest might yield short-term progress, but will be unsustainable in the long run.

For example, do you know anyone who’s done the Paleo Diet for more than three years?

Do you know anyone who’s competed at CrossFit for more than a decade—and if they have, I would bet their nutrition, sleep and self-care are as dialed as their workouts.

Your clients don’t need the most novel workout. They need to show up to exercise; show up in their nutrition; and show up to sleep and meditation. And they need to do it every single day. That’s what creates results, and results are why we’re here.

As you enter the last quarter of the year, revisit your 2020 Resolutions.

Consider adapting your resolutions to habits that will set you up for more success in 2021.

After all, this is what will make the greatest impact.

Think long-term. Think habits.


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