Hip Function: Medial Muscles

The five medial hip muscles are in the middle of the pelvis. Their primary function is to adduct the leg (move the leg close to the body).


This is the most anterior of the adductors of the femur. It is primarily an adductor, but its orientation also can support medial rotation of the femur and hip flexion. This is a very small strap-like muscle, and like most small muscles at large joints, it is not a primary mover; rather, it is much more active in maintaining posture when the foot is stable.

Adductor Brevis

The adductor brevis is a small, deep hip muscle. The only function for this muscle is leg adduction.

Adductor Longus

The adductor longus attaches to the pubis. It is an adductor of the femur, but can also assist in medial rotation of the leg.


The gracilis is a long, superficial muscle on the medial side of the femur. It creates a significant portion of the appearance of your inner thigh. Along with adduction, it also can contribute to hip flexion and knee flexion.

Adductor Magnus

The adductor magnus is the largest and most powerful of the adductors of the femur. It lies right next to the hamstrings.

Along with adduction, it also contributes to hip extension when standing from a deep squat.

*Images and text inspired by thisĀ journal publication.



For Time:
50 Burpees
*At the start of every minute, perform 10 jumping lunges.

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