Just Show Up

The athletes that reach their goals are the athletes that show up every day. That’s really the only difference.

When I was a growing up, one of my mentors saw me struggling to develop a habit. He challenged me to do this particular habit 100 days in-a-row. He told me that if I reached Day 100, he would pay me $100.

15 years later, I still have that habit (reading every morning). I’ve never missed a day. In fact, now that I think about it he never paid me that $100… but what he guided me to was far more valuable than money could ever provide.

Daily Directive

Your directive today is to do half of that. Start and maintain a streak of 50 consecutive days of working out. I understand that you can’t show up to the gym every day, but you can show up at home.

For the rest of the year, I will attach at the end of the daily blog a workout that will take you less than 30 minutes. I’ll even provide a stretching routine for you to perform on Sundays because I know the vast majority of you are religious.

When it comes to habit formation, the goal is always consistency. It’s easier to be 100% in on something rather than 98%.

Just show up.


PS – If you’re ever confused on the workout, simply hit reply to the email and I’ll coach you through it.

PPS – If you don’t have time for the whole workout, just stop the workout early. The important thing is that you’re starting it every day.

Day 1:
3 rounds of:
10 Windmills (Each Side)
20 Deadbugs (Controlled)
1:00 Superman Hold


3 Sets:
4:00 AMRAP:
10 Box Step-ups
30 Double Unders (Jump Rope)
-Rest 2:00 between Sets-
Scoring: Rounds + Reps

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