RxFIT Radio

This week, we launched a short-form podcast for the RxFIT community to stay up-to-date with upcoming news and health tips to become fitter. We’ve decided to call it the RxFIT Radio. We plan to publish two episodes every week.

On Sundays, we’ll publish an interview with our Head of Fitness to talk about the upcoming week of programming. In addition to talking about the workouts, we will cover topics like coaching development, the layout and other ways we’re improving the interior of the gyms, and (my favorite) upcoming fitness events.

Then, every Wednesday, we’ll publish an educational episode on fitness to help you lose weight and get stronger. For example, yesterday I published a solo episode on the four supplements you should know about. Check it out here:

Because my own fitness ignorance prevented me from reaching my goals years ago, my goal today is to publish as much educational fitness content for free, every day. The RxFIT Radio podcast is in-line with that mission. I hope you find value in listening to it every week.

Oh, and we also have a YouTube channel where our coaches demo fitness tips and tricks regularly. If you aren’t subscribed to that channel, do it by clicking here. I’ll publish at least one video every week to the YouTube channel.

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