The Hidden Benefits to A Good Challenge

After sitting down and talking with my mentor about how I kept failing to develop a habit, he challenged me to a 100-Day Challenge. He said that if I do what he told me to do for 100 days, without missing a single day, he would pay me $100.

Because of his accountability (and my dire need for 100 bucks as a fifteen-year-old), I stuck to the plan. 100 days passed and I completed the challenge. I was rich! And I also developed the habit that I needed…

In fact, it’s now been 12-years since that challenge and I still haven’t missed a day. 100 days has quickly turned into 4,300 days!

The real hidden benefit to that challenge wasn’t the money, it was the creation of a simple habit. That daily habit has altered the course of my life.

You’re not reading this because you’re trying to figure out what diet to follow. You know better than that. You simply need to develop better habits: you need to start working out and eating better.

Like me, you need a good challenge.

And like me, you need need a coach who will hold you accountable.

So if you haven’t already, commit now to Day 1 of a new fitness challenge. Step 1 of this challenge is to meet with an RxFIT Nutritionist. I normally charge $70 for a coaching call, but you’re getting it for free if you book a call by the end of the week–I need to know by the weekend how get organized and who to hold accountable.

A 30-minute, free coaching call to figure out how to sleep, eat, and move better? Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. And it’s FREE!

Just hit reply to this email with two different times that work for you. I’ll make sure one of those times work so we can hop on a video call together.

Talk to you soon!


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